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23 Style Keys By Your Most Chic Woman I’ve Ever Met

I met Erin Hazelton when she was composing for vogue magazines in New York City. This was more years ago than I care to recall — but she seems exactly the same. What struck me the first time that I watched her, and still what strikes me every time I see her is how she exudes pure elegance.

Here are her tips. Which means two things for me. To begin with, I will clean out my closet. Second, when she comes to Washington, DC next weekend, we’re likely to go shopping together!

(As told to me by Erin Hazelton)


1. As Diana Vreeland once said:

“Too much good flavor could be boring.” To offset this truth, I often find myself with leopard as a neutral. There’s a fine line between being interestingly stylish. Nevertheless, never take your clothing too seriously. Just a little touch of comedy — or extravagance — may make an otherwise uninteresting look seen immediately smart.

2. If you’re likely to wear something oversize on top,

keep the bottom skinny. If you are going to wear billowing pants, tuck on your top to showcase your waist or opt for something that’s closefitting or even waist-skimming, otherwise you risk looking messy.

3. Dress to your physique, not for the hottest trends.

A cropped top and high-waisted pants is a current appearance I like…

but that doesn’t mean everybody should wear it.
Learn to work with your own body, highlighting the parts you want. Belt a little waist.

Camouflage the parts you’re uncomfortable with. Narrow shoulders without a boobies?

A deep V generates some shape up on top. My best friend believes her hips are too big, but she’s a tiny waist, so her favourite proportion is a full skirt with a high waist. Poof! Her hips are concealed beneath a swish of cloth, just her small waist left behind to be admired. I’ve also adopted this look for myself, but for exactly the opposite reason: my hips are too narrow and that I love to provide the illusion of a much more hourglass form.

If you don’t like your arms, then don’t wear sleeveless shirts, even in case you love the top. If you don’t feel great, you don’t look good.

4. Attempt to wear real clothes whenever you are not exercising.

5. A ship neck is always flattering… and elegant.

6. My mother taught me to always purchase top quality coats, shoes and purses. They’re the things you use everyday and also the things everybody will notice first.

7. It’s nearly spring: flaunt your ankles.

Pair these pants together with flat sandals or college loafers for day and choose an elegant pump or high-heeled sandal for day.

Which brings us to shoes:

8. Just say no to large platform pump.

I really don’t care how short you are, there is no excuse for looking like a stripper. When I see another actress walking the red carpet in a pair of those uniformly colored hooves, I’m going to start a request.

If these kinds of shoes have been concealed under a floor-length gown, fine — nobody can see them. However, in the event that you’re able to see them? No. Absolutely not.

I would forfeit an inch or 2 of height at the name of fashion daily.

9. Everyone should own a naked shoe.

Since the shoe matches your skin tone, there is nothing highlighting where your leg finishes, which helps to provide the illusion that they go on for more than they actually do. I’ve never heard anybody complain that her thighs look too long.

Whether it is a flat sandal, a simple pump or high-heeled sandal at the perfect shade of nude, you can not go wrong: they go with everything. I typically pair mine with flowery prints or vivid colors… nude and red is a classic mix.

10. It seems obvious, but there is nothing more useful than the usual black,

closed toe pump. Elegant and classic, this shoe adds silent elegance to any look. A slight stage to the toe is much more contemporary and helps to add elongate the leg.

11. If you feel your outfit is a dull,

the ideal way to make it more dynamic is to dress it up with a decorated shoe.

Other accessories:

12. Just like on Wall Street, more is never enough.

A little gold letter on a string around your neck isn’t going to change your appearance, but a huge cuff on each wrist? Or a luminous statement necklace or oversized Eddie Borgo tassel necklace peering from under a white button ?

you say? Open up any J. Crew catalogue and ask yourself again.

13. Don’t be scared of a fancy mobile phone cover. Why not? Embrace it.

14. Never.I am a big fan of wearing them at a more sensuous or marginally punk manner — not too literally. I love a pearl choker, a Dior pearl”piercing” or one of Ana Khouri’s lace ear cuffs. I abandon the neat, dull single strand into my mum.

15. Handbags are another fantastic way to add some personality to an appearance.

Never purchase a dull one. If you go for a traditional silhouette, why don’t you purchase it in crimson or kelly green? That said, it’s difficult to wear a color everyday, so you’ll inevitably resort into a black, white, brown or nude everyday handbag — we all do.

This”regular” handbag is the one you will use most, so while it might feel boring — it’s to go together — make it special. Let this tote be the one which you spend the most on. Go for luxurious. Hermès is clearly the greatest choice, but maybe not the most realistic.

Look for a bag by your favourite designer or manufacturer and make sure it is not an”it” bag… one which you have seen in each magazine or on the arms of each one your girlfriends.

You want it to last, not seem dated by next year. In addition, you must make sure it is big enough to hold all your stuff and has a shoulder strap. Being dominated by your purse isn’t smart, but being able to maneuver your way through the day with both palms unquestionably is.

If you the tote passes these tests, hold you breath and blow the greater part of your paycheck. This is an investment piece.

Through the years, it’s grown to be a manufacturer of stylish, quality formal shoes for men. Now, Gee does his part to bring the company to the next level of growth by expanding the product line and researching the export market .

“The name Bristol originated when my grandfather, Apolinario de Dios saw the word’Bristol’ in Europe and because of its unique sound, it became the title of our firm,” says Gee, a former tennis player of the Ateneo de Manila University.

His vision is to be more competitive on the marketplace by using this Bristol brand, which is associated with quality shoes.

His desire to join the family business started when he realized he had a real interest in the shoe market. He started learning the principles, first with the marketing system and afterwards on managing the whole firm.

Gee says he realized early on they had to improve business processes to improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary costs.

Gee claims improving the item is more important than having a lot of advertisements, because he found out that it is just a supplementary tool to improve their advertising strategy.

Despite the prevalence of advanced machineries on the market, Bristol chose to maintain the manual procedure of shoe making, making it hand-crafted using some imported materials, though it is costlier, simply to be sure the standard of the shoes.

“Our biggest challenge is to compete with the other imported shoes that are definitely inexpensive,” Gee says.

Bristol is now considered a trusted name in the shoe industry, making 100 pairs every day and maintaining a community of 29 stores nationally.

“Quality sneakers aren’t about the materials we use. It’s all about our very own skilled employees who persevere to preserve the trademark of our sneakers,” Gee says.

Proudly, he says they have sufficient skilled workers–the real key behind Bristol’s success.

“Bristol is blessed to have these efficient workers that are doing their work well. They are the real contributors in our success,” Gee says.

Gee says he is looking forward to restarting Bristol exports to Japan, following the company stopped the shipment in 2007 cause of a tragedy that occurred to their merchant.

“We needed to stop the exportation of our products in Japan when our contact individual committed suicide. We don’t have any clue what actually happened back then, so we don’t have any choice, but to stop the exportation,” Gee says.

Gee says regardless of the incident, he remains positive that in the event the organization resumes exports, then it is going to give them the success they want.

“Bristol’s vision is to have a much better brand , if we’re going back to exports. It’s possible to attain this goal,” Gee says.

He says while export is in the plan, the organization intends to expand the company slowly so that they can easily manage and identify the improvements needed.

Gee claims to attain the organization’s goal, it is important that they love what they are doing. “You will succeed if you truly want what you are doing,” he says, speaking to his business principle.

This principle is a definite example of the famous quote,”Let your passion be your livelihood,” something that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from.

Gee says through his free time, he functions as the trainer of the lawn tennis team of Ateneo High School and spends more time with his wife together with their nine-month-old child.

Bristol Shoes, in its nearly 40 years of producing quality sneakers, is one of the businesses which have enabled Marikina City to gain and keep the title”Shoe Capital of the Philippines.”
Comfy Shoe Style

Comfortable shoes are recommended for all events, and you are likely going to want to have a couple of distinct pairs to cover both work and private life. Let us look at what styles of shoes to wear for various events. Ok, so what are comfortable work shoes?

For men, look for a black or brownish lightweight shoe with a rubber sole and a comfortable liner. For women, start looking for the same at a flat shoe, or a heel with a rounded toe and a cushioned heel.

Now, let us look at exactly what comfy shoes to wear with a dress. You can repurpose your black work heels/flats to get a smart event. Or, for a more casual apparel, you can opt for a casual flat shoe with a round toe and a cushioned insole.

If you are keeping it casual and want to know what comfy shoes to wear with jeans then you can not go no way with a set of shoes. For women, you could choose an open top style to actually keep your feet feeling great during the day.

Having said that, a great fashion choice for comfy shoes to wear with skinny jeans is really a boot with a heel for women or a trainer for guys.

Just don’t forget, whichever fashion you opt to suit your occasion, check our tips above to make certain you decide on a comfortable shoe. You won’t regret it! .

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