what to do to stop baby hiccups

How to Stop Baby Hiccups? All you need to know about

Normally, the reduction of the diaphragm and fast closing of vocal cords produces a sound that known as baby hiccup. Not only babies but, hiccups are happening in adults also. It could be a problematic situation for many parents.

However, this sound is not dangerous but, fewer babies got hiccups. Even I have seen many little babies by having a tight sleep during hiccups. Yes! This is possible, and a baby can sleep with hiccup sound because, it does not effect on the breath.

so if you need detailed research on what to do to stop baby hiccups and it will be a good read,

Well, this short article is all about hiccup reduction let us have a look deeper for reducing hiccups.

  • Baby burping
  • king soother
  • hiccup course
  • Use of gripe water


  1. Baby burping:

Stop feeding your baby for a burp, because burping can reduce his/her hiccups naturally. Thus burp can help to get rid of extra gas that causes hiccups. Placing your baby into a straight position can also make him/her relax from hiccupping.

  1. Sucking soother:

Feeding does not always cause infant hiccups. If your little baby starts hiccups, then try to give him a chance for sucking soother. Surely this sucking will make him sure to relax the diaphragm and will stop hiccups.

  1. Hiccup course:

In the hiccup course, the majority of pediatricians suggest waiting for a hiccup stopping. As this is a natural condition so, let it be and wait for a while. Surely your baby hiccup will routinely stop after few moments. Look if your baby hiccups are not stopping, then you may concern your doctor, surely he will suggest good instruction.

  1. Use of grip water:

Hey mothers! Look if your baby is not in comfort due to hiccups, then we must suggest you give him some gripe water. This is only why because, gripe water is an herbal liquid form that can relief the baby from all abdominal pain and distresses.

It contains fennel, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile. It is very effective for baby hiccups and it is free of side effects. Try to give gripe water to your baby with a concern of doctor.


Well, by applying a few inhibitions, we may prevent our babies from hiccups. However, this would be hard to keep a baby safe from hiccups, but it will help you slightly. Let us have a short look at some prevention for hiccups;

  • Always feed your baby when he/she is calm, not in crying. Sometimes, when a crying baby feeds, then he/she get hiccups.
  • Do not insist on your baby for a heavy activity after feeding, like bouncing up and down.
  • Keep your baby straight for 20 minutes approximately after feed/meal and avoid letting him down in bed.

Tip 1#  Gently rub your baby’s back when he/she has hiccups. Do not slap/hit the back while hiccupping.

Tip 2# always use good quality gripe water instead of any local product.


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